Friday, January 8, 2010

New blogger

Ok, I have finally decided to begin blogging. Why? I have no idea. I write screenplays, short stories and have even tried my hand at song lyrics. So why I think I have time to blog is a mystery to me.

I have opinions on lots of things ranging from music to sports, politics to movies and travel to books. I figure I can find a few topics to write about, even if its only to entertain myself.

For those of you that don't know me, I'll give you the brief low down.

My name is Scott. I'm a mid-forties, middle class, Mississippi born, Christian white guy, living in southern Louisiana in the shadows of New Orleans. I have a wonderful family including my lovely wife and two amazing boys. I love to write, read, ride my motorcycle, play golf, tennis and practice karate. I have various interests in art, old cars, movies (watching and writing them), Southern Miss football, Saints football, poker, history, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries and paranormal stuff. Weird huh?

Anyway, I may toss around some thoughts on any of these subjects as well any other strange or mundane topics that may peak my interest at a certain moment.

So I hope I can write something that may entertain others as well as myself, but if not....oh well.

Thanks for checking me out. I already have an idea for my first topic, so check back soon.


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  1. So glad you've decided to join the fray! I'm so looking forward to what you have to say!