Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another win for my screenplay.

I was very happy last month to win "Best Dramatic Short" at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Pasadena. I was really hoping to get to attend this years event as the festival has grown over the last couple of years and is fast becoming a premier west coast festival. Heck, I was even in California with my family for nearly two weeks before the festival, but we had to fly home the day of the Writers Awards dinner.

Fourtunately for me, Holly Hughes, a high school friend living in the Los Angeles area, was happy to attend the dinner in my stead. Thankfully, of the four nominations my script received, it won one! Holly called me after the dinner and made my day! Or should I say night. Our plane had literally just landed and it was nearly midnight when the phone rang. Holly enjoyed the awards dinner and festival experience and I got another pat on the back that I'm doing something right in my efforts to learn screen writing. The ride across the Causeway at midnight was a good one, even as the hours of travel were catching up with me.

Now....if I can just come up with that feature screenplay....